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Status Display Preferences

Selecting Display from the View menu brings up the Status Display Preferences dialog box (pictured below). The dialog box features three group boxes (Sort Order, Show Record Types, and Search Word) in which you can alter your Work in Progress display. Instructions for each of these three groups are provided below.


 Show Record Types

The Show Record Types area of the Status Display Preferences dialog box allows you to specify which types of Manager Orders to display.


The default is to display all record types.

To specify which record types to display:

1. Click your mouse pointer on the check box(es) of the desired record type(s), or select all to display all records.

2. Select OK.

Your display will include only those types of records you specified.

  Search Word

The Status Display Preferences dialog box allows you to search for a record in the Work in Progress screen based on a word or other character string. You are able to conduct a word search on any entry in the following data fields:

  • Customer Name
  • License Number
  • Status
  • Location
  • Year/Make/Model

You can search on a part of a word (for instance, a search on "JO" would result in a selection of "JONES." You can also use the "%" character as a "wild card," substituting it for an unknown character or group of characters. For example, "SM%TH," or even, "S%H" will yield "SMITH." Just remember that the more characters that you substitute for, the higher your probability of unwanted matches to your search request.