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Save when you bundle repair, estimating and shop management software with Mitchell 1's Teamworks packages. All our Teamworks Packages are sold at a substantial discount over the cost of the individual component products.

Teamworks Commercial Vehicle (12-mo Lease)
Quantity in Basket: None
Monthly Lease Payment: $395.00
Activation Fee: $0

(Reg. $477.00/Mo.) This is a software lease. Your Credit Card will be charged $395.00 at checkout for the first month of your lease, and then $395.00 monthly for the remainder of your 12-month lease.
Description:  Our most successful all-time product bundle, and now apply that to the Truck products. TeamWorks CVG includes TractorTrailer, MediumTruck, Manager CVG, and Truck Labor...all for one great introductory price of $395.  This is a software lease. You will be billed once a month for the term of the contract. Many customers find the lower initial cost and convenience of affordable monthly payment to be an attractive alternative to purchasing.

* Please note that subscription pricing on this website is for new customers only. If you are a current subscriber looking to renew an existing subscription, please contact your Mitchell 1 Independent Sales Rep or call Mitchell 1 at (888) 724-6742 x6313.