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Repair Information Services

This past year has been exciting here at Mitchell 1. The company and our products have seen dramatic improvements - all designed to improve your productivity and increase your profitability. Our innovation has been focused on our line of Internet-based products where automatic monthly updates eliminate the need for any update software installation.

Shop Management Solutions

These days, part look-ups and ordering from an electronic catalog is a necessity. Mitchell 1 Manager SE puts the integration of more catalogs than anyone else at your fingertips. Write an estimate using your choice of integrated catalogs and be confident you are quoting the customer accurate pricing and parts availability. (choose a Shop Management solution)

Emission Control Application Guide

Each year, Mitchell 1 publishes a must-have resource for any shop doing emission testing and/or repair.

We're happy to introduce the 2024 Emission Control Application Guide (ECAT24) for domestic and import cars, light trucks, vans (diesel engines) and Class 'A' motor homes with gasoline engines, model years 1966 through 2024.

Inside you’ll find vehicle-specific emission system information for repair shops that perform smog inspections. The Guide is a great help to any shop that must comply with state emission standards.

To order your copy of the 2024 Emission Control Application guide, call 888-724-6742 or click the button below.

Get our Best Pricing when you order the TeamWorks suite of Repair, Estimating, and Shop Management software products. Build the best combination for your shop in an affordable monthly payment:

Teamworks with Manager SE, just $253/mo. (Save $134/mo*).

*Savings calculated as Monthly lease price of package vs. eCatalog price of individual components purchased separately.

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