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>>NEW: ProSpect Setup and User Guide

Welcome to the Shop Management Online Help – the internet-based destination for assistance and training information to get the most out of your Mitchell 1/ShopKey Shop Management program. Context-sensitive online help may be accessed from any screen in your shop management program by clicking [F1]. Doing so will take you directly to text, graphics and video links specific to the area of the program you are working in.

READ: Our Document Central page provides access to the Manager SE SETUP and LEARN documents and other important resources. Use the links on the left side of this screen to browse our comprehensive set of online help topics. Our Knowledgebase is where you go to get answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about using the Shop Management Software. Chances are that most questions you may have about using the software have already been asked, and answered by articles found within this knowledgebase.

WATCH: Mitchell 1/ShopKey’s online training includes 100+ brief (1-3 min) tutorials selected from a list at at one of the links above (M1 or SK training videos) or by pressing the F1 key from any screen. For example, you could be on the Configurations – Reports/Printers screen and press the F1 key and immediately see text, graphics and a video link to actually show you details about that screen and how it works. These videos can be viewed from anywhere using a PC, tablet or phone with an internet connection

GROW: Get2Know offers shops the opportunity to improve efficiency and accuracy by expanding the working knowledge and skills set of SE users. We provide access to a full complement (100+) of video clips organized into five playlists, designed to provide step-by-step instruction on every important aspect of the management system. Users can become "Shop Management Certified" by watching the video playlists and then passing each of the five playlist quizzes.

visit the Shop Management forumDISCUSS: The Shop Management User's Forum is an online discussion board where you can ask questions, compare notes with other shops and get answers from the experts; the user's community and M1/SK training staff. Topics include shop management software setup, features and operational aspects, including related product topics. Additionally, there are registered user topics such as Wrench (specific repair challenges), Shop2Shop (customers, employees), Industry Trends and much more.

These resources are part of Mitchell 1/ShopKey's ongoing commitment to provide the most thoroughly supported Shop Management software available. We listen to your suggestions and comments and add training information on a regular basis. We thank you for your loyalty and ongoing support.

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