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Order Screen


The Order screen is where the parts and labor repair lines, the heart of the Manager order, are created and maintained.

To enter order information in the Order Screen:

1. Select a service writer from the Written By pull-down choice list.

2. Change the Promised time, if necessary. Change the Promised date from the current date, if necessary. Overtype the current date or select a new date from the popup calendar.

3. Specify a reason for the visit using the Source pulldown menu. Click the dots next to the menu to add or edit reason for visit entries.

4. Type in a Hat #, and/or Ref #, in accordance with your shop's policy for identifying customer vehicles.

5. Enter the incoming odometer reading in the In field.

6. Add parts and labor using the dialog boxes accessed from the Repair Lines Button Bar. Your parts and labor items, along with any discounts are shown in the Repair Lines grid.

Refer to Building Repair Lines for detailed instructions on creating repair lines in Manager.

Once your repair lines have been built, your Order is complete. The Order Options dialog box provides options for changing the status of your order as well as a number of other functions.

7. Select Options, if necessary, to open the Order Options dialog box.

Refer to Order Options for detailed instructions on working in the Order Options dialog box.

8. Select Done to close the Order Options dialog box.

9. Select Exit to close the Order panel.

    The new order is displayed in the Work-In-Progress screen.

Working/Editing Order Information in the Order Screen

The Order screen grid can be customized and preferences can be saved to the user profile. Similar to the WIP screen, it is possible to control the column width and position. Changes can be made to line items by right-clicking certain fields. For individual Labor items - the labor rate can be changed to a different value usually found under the Type button and sourced from master Labor Rate table.

For more advanced information on working in the Order Screen, please refer to the Manager SE - Order Screen Part 2 video.


SE will convert an Estimate, Repair Order, or Invoice to a pdf that will be attached to an email that’s already been populated with customer information. Simply click the Email button at the bottom of the screen. If you don't have an email recorded in the system, you will be prompted to add one. Once a valid email is entered a new email message is created with your default email program and a PDF of the order is added as an attachment.

Note: Please note that this functionality requires a MAPI compliant email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird (free from Mozilla) or Mail.



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