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Estimates, Orders, Invoices

Estimates, Repair Orders, and Invoices are generically referred to as "orders" in Manager. The reason for this is that all three types of orders display basically the same information -- the difference being the status of the order as it moves through Manager.

A Manager Order typically starts out as an estimate of the cost of parts and labor to perform a repair or vehicle maintenance service. You can choose to start from a Quick Estimate, a bare-bones quote, or you can create a regular Estimate. If the customer agrees to the Estimate, it is converted to a Repair Order, and printed for the customer to sign as acceptance of the work to be performed. Once the work is completed, the order is converted to an Invoice -- a request for payment. If parts or labor items are added to an Invoice it is converted back to a Repair Order so that these items can be confirmed or approved.

Once an invoice has been posted, the service history is recorded and accessible in Vehicle History.

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