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Selecting the Notes/Sublet repair line button and then clicking the Sublet tab opens the Order item entry- SUBLET dialog box. Use this dialog box to add a repair line for a subcontracted operation.

To add a sublet operation:

1. Select Sublet from the repair line button bar.

The Order item entry- SUBLET dialog box displays.

2. Add a description of Work Requested. This is a required field.

3. Add a description of Work Performed, if necessary.

4. Enter Cost $.

The Total $ calculates automatically based upon the mark-up you have entered in setup.

Note: You can change the Total $ amount simply by overtyping it with any amount you choose.

5. Select Vendor from the pull-down list.

6. Select Save to save your input and clear the panel so that you can add additional sublet operations to your order.


Select Done to save your sublet input and return to the Order panel.
The new sublet entry appears in the repair lines.