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Once work on a Manager Repair Order has begun, you may discover the need for additional repair work. These repairs may be a part of the originally estimated repair that was undetectable at the time that the original order was created. Or you may discover the need for repair or maintenance work that is totally unrelated to the original order. In any case, you will need to estimate the additional time and cost of these repairs so that your customer can make an informed decision.

To accommodate this need, Manager allows you to create sub-estimates that can be attached to your order. The program even offers the versatility to perform "what-if" analysis of the cost of the order with various sub-estimate combinations.

For example, while performing a repair, you may find that a vehicle needs five additional repairs ranging in importance from minor to critical. In Manager , you can create five individual sub-estimates before calling the customer. While the customer is on the phone, you can quote him prices for all combinations of the five repairs. Once he has agreed to some, or all, of the repairs, simply transfer them to the order.

So revising an order is basically a two step process. First you create the sub-estimate(s). The second step is to selectively apply the revision(s) to the order.

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