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Revision Authorization/Sell Revision

The Revision Authorization dialog box provides the mechanism to add a subestimate, or to add some, or all, of a number of sub-estimates, to your Manager order.

To attach sub-estimates to an open order:

1. After all sub-estimates are complete, (see Creating a Sub-Estimate ) select Transfer Revision.

The Revision Authorization dialog box displays.

2. Select the revision(s) you wish to include in the order.

The Include in this Revision fields are where you select revision(s) for inclusion in your order. 

Select/deselect revisions by clicking your mouse pointer in the selection box next to the revision. The Revision Amount and the New Total Estimate Amount dynamically change with each new combination of revisions.

Note: You can supply "what if" scenarios for your customer by clicking on/off the selection boxes of the available sub-estimates. The Revision Amount and New Total Estimate fields change dynamically so that the customer can consider the cost of the various sub-estimate combinations.

3. Complete/edit the remaining fields of the Revision Authorization panel. These fields are:

  • Revision Date - Fills in atuomatically with the date that the revision is created. Change the date, if necessary, by selecting a new date from the pull-down choice list. ;
  •  Initiated by - Choose Shop or Customer.
  •  Written by - Choose Shop or Customer
  •  Authorized by - Defaults to the customer name. Changee by over typing  necessary. 
  •  Reason - Reason for the revision.
  •  Phone (Called) - Phone number at which the customer was reached to approve the revision.
  •  Time (Called - Time that the revision was created/approved. This field defaults to  the  time that the Revision Authorization dialog box was opened. 
  •  Clear Sun Estimates after Transfer- Removes the sub-estimates after they have been transferred to the order. 

Note: Only those sub-estimates that are transferred to the order will be removed.

   4. Select Transfer.

        The selected sub-estimate(s) is transferred to the order.

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