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Selecting the Labor repair line button opens the Order item entry - LABOR dialog box. You use this dialog box to add labor hours, and calculated cost to Manager Orders.

To add Labor to your Manager Order:

1. Select Labor from the repair line button bar.

    The Order item entry - LABOR dialog box displays.

2. Enter a description of the labor item in the Work Requested box.

3. Enter hours to be charged in the Charged Hrs. field


    Enter a dollar amount in the Labor Total field.

The other field will automatically calculate at your shop's default labor rate as soon as you make another entry/selection. The hours will automatically be recorded as belonging to the Default Technician in the Technician Detail area.


You can click in the Non-Standard Labor Rate check box to de-link the Labor Hours and Dollars fields and manually enter values.

4. Add an estimate of parts amount if you wish to add a rough estimate of parts cost to your order rather than actually adding parts and their cost.

 Normally you will wish to add parts, and their associated cost, through the Add Parts and Inventory list dialog boxes.

5. Select a Category.

6. Select an Account.

7. Change the Pay Hours and/or Actual Hours amount(s) in the Technician Detail box.

8. Select Tax, if necessary, to change from the default tax rate for this labor item.

9. Select Cust Type, if necessary, to change the labor rate for this line item from the Shop/Customer default.

10. Select Save to save your input and clear the panel so that you can enter an additional labor line item.


Select Done to save your labor entry and return to the Order panel.

 The new labor entry will appear in the repair lines.

Technician Detail

The Technician Detail area (bottom part of display) is where you add/edit Technician Pay Hours and Actual Hours. By default, any time you add Labor to an order, the Default Technician for the order is credited with that time in both the Pay Hours and Actual Hours columns. You may change the Pay Hours or Actual Hours and/or select additional technicians for distribution of the hours. These hours are used on the Technican Worksheet and Technician Productivity Report .