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NEW: Click for Lube Sticker Printing/Usage setup and usage instructions.

Open the Report/Printer dialog box by selecting Configurations then Reports/Printers/Lube Sticker. You can also open this screen by clicking File and choosing Print Setup. The Report/Printer Selection dialog box displays.

The Reports/Printers screen is used to select which document template and printer device will be used for each of your document types. Change the selector on the left side to view the options available for each phase of business. Make changes to the template selection or printer device as needed. Default Printer selection allows you to specify a printer for miscellaneous reports such as Technician Worksheet and Receipts.

The Fax selection allows you to select a Fax printer driver installed on your computer which sends the job to a fax machine.

  • No. of Copies to Print - Number of copies of the selected document type to be printed.
  • Default Print to Screen - Defaults to a screen print rather than send directly to printer.
  • Include Header Info - Includes shop Information such as name, Comment & Slogan at top of the printed output. Please refer back to Shop Data Setup 1 & 2 for more details.
  • Include Comment - Includes Comment beneath Order totals portion of the report, just above Disclaimer. Comment is entered in the Shop Data 2 panel of Shop Data Setup.
  • Include Signature - Includes the Authorization Signature and Footer information (Technician name, page #, and Report Name) at the bottom of the printed report.

Please note that if you select two copies for invoice and print preview is turned on, it will be necessary to enter a ‘2’ in the preview window. One way around that is to click on File -> Print to get 2 copies printed immediately as this bypasses the print preview function.

Most document templates set aside space in the upper left hand corner to accommodate placement of a shop logo. For more details, click on Help - Documentation and go to Documents. You’ll see Setting up a Shop Logo for Reports as your instructions.