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Counter Sale

The Manager Counter Sales selection allows for quick and easy creation of the counter sale order. Manager offers tremendous flexibility in handling counter sales. How much, or how little, information you enter is up to you and the policy of your shop.

To generate a Counter Sale order:

1. Select the Counter button from the Manager button bar.

The Counter panel displays.

2. (Optional) Select the Customer -Enter information about the customer, or if a business, about the company and/or Vehichle- Add, change, or delete vehicle(s) from the customer record tabs to input customer/vehicle information.

3. Add Parts, Notes, or Parts Kits using the repair line buttons. You may also add Labor to the Counter Sale by selecting the Labor tab.

4. Select the Print button to print a Counter Sale Invoice.

5.  Once the customer has paid for the order, select Payment to apply payment. If you apply payment in full, you will be asked if you wish to post the invoice.

Posting Invoithe invoice closes the order out of Work in Progress and creates a history record of the transaction.

6. Select Yes to post the invoice and complete the counter sale.