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Parts Kits 

Parts Kits save you time in entering data into orders by grouping together parts which are  requently used in combination with one another (for example, the parts which you would  use for a brake job). The Kit List dialog box is where you add parts kits in the Manager database. You may also set Prompts to be asked whether or not to include any individual item within the kit during each transfer to an order as opposed to including all parts without question.

There are two options for pricing kits:

  • Standard Pricing - The items are sold as individual parts at the individual part price. For example, if there were five parts in the kit, they would appear as five individually priced line items.
  • Bundled Pricing - when Bundled Pricing is checked, a new Price $ field allows entry of a single price for kit regardless of how many parts are included. The Part Kit will appear as a single line item using the Part Kit description and single rolled up price.