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Compound Tax Table


The Compound Tax Table allows you to set up compound taxes. These taxes are only applied to parts and are normally used for tires. You can specify up to two taxes. If there are two excise taxes, you specify which tax is applied first and which tax is applied second.

To add/edit a Compound Tax item

1. Select Compound Tax Table from the Standard Tables dialog box.

The Compound Tax Table dialog box appears. 

2. Add/edit the fields of the Compound Tax Table as necessary. The table is comprised of the following fields.

Description - The name of the tax rate category as it appears in pull-down menu's and on printed reports.

Rate - The percentage of a part's selling price that will be applied as a tax to the order.

G.L. Code - The General Ledger Code which will be applied to the tax item.

3. Select Done to save your additions/changes.