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Copying Repair Lines from a History Record


One exciting aspect of Manager's vehicle history capability is that you can copy information from a history order to a current order.

For example, while preparing an estimate for an engine rebuild on a '68 Chevy Pickup, you may recall that you prepared a similar estimate in the past. Rather than having to put together the estimate from scratch, you can copy repair lines from the historical order and paste them into the new order. Your parts, labor, and tax rates are automatically updated to current values.

As another example, you may have a regular customer who comes in every three thousand miles for an Oil Change/Lube Job. Once you have begun the order, and selected her name in the Customer panel, simply click on the History tab to view her history records, open a history record for a previous Oil Change/Lube Job, copy the repair lines, and paste them into your current order. Your order is complete without you ever having to look up a part, labor item, or canned job.

To copy repair lines from a history record:


This procedure details one method of copying information from a history record into an estimate. Actually, there are a number of different ways that copying and pasting can be employed within Manager. And you aren't limited to copying from history -- you can also copy from one open order into another.


  1. Locate the history record from which you wish to copy repair lines. Refer to Find History Record (By Vehicle ), if necessary.
  2. Select Detail to open the History Detail dialog box.
  3. Highlight the line items you wish to copy. Highlight cells by moving your mouse pointer to a cell in the first row in the range of rows you want to copy and, holding your left mouse button down, dragging the mouse pointer to a cell in the last row to be included in your copy area.
  4. Type Ctrl + C to copy the repair lines.
  5. Select the In Progrss icon to open Work In Progress.
  6. Open the Order you wish to paste into.
  7. Select Paste from the Edit menu. OR Type Ctrl + V to paste the selected repair lines. A dialog box asks if you wish to update your parts cost from inventory.
  8. Select Yes. The repair lines are added to your order.


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