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Customer Screen Thumb Tabs

The thumb-tabs in the Customer Screen act like the tabs in a notebook. Selecting a tab causes your display to dynamically alter to display different, but related information. For example, if you enter a customer's information and then click on the Vehicle tab, you are taken to the Vehicle panel, where you can enter vehicle(s) for that customer. Click on the thumb-tab for Customer, and you are returned to the Customer Screen. The vehicles that you have entered will appear in a grid in the lower part of the display.

Customer- Returns you to the Customer Screen when you have switched to either the Vehicle or History display.  This is the display in which you enter/edit customer information.  

Vehicle- Switches your display to the Vehicle view allowing you to enter/edit  Vechicle(s) associated with a particular customer. 

History- Switches your display to History, where you can view historical information about the customer, and/or his vehicles.

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