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Default Settings

Default Settings are the entries that your shop uses most often in creating orders in SE. Defaults are used to save time by entering common choices into your orders for you automatically. Any default setting can be overwritten at the time of order preparation. Here are some options you’d want to set up now to automatically fill in for you every day.

Enter the telephone area code for your shop location. Promised Time is typically 5pm or later; enter that time here. You can always make adjustments with the Scheduler button on the Work In Progress screen as needed. We do recommend that ‘Please, Select’ be used as the default labor technician and the parts technician if you use that function. It serves as a reminder to assign actual technician(s) and also provides tech commission data for labor within the F12 Check Profit function. If left blank, these benefits cannot occur as expected. ‘Please, Select’ is already in the drop-down list as we included it in the database for you. Be sure that the wage information for Please, Select reflects the technician commission rate in your shop.

Default Service Writer should also be filled so that users won’t have to select a name for Written By every time they start a new order. The names in the drop-down list are entered in Technician setup and then defined as service writers instead of technicians. If you haven’t yet entered your service writer name(s) in the Technician Setup window, make a note to return and enter one in this field. It is also possible to associate a service writer name to a specific User list profile and we’ll show you that in another video clip.

Default Pay Type should be the payment you accept most often. The payment names in the drop list are entered in Setup –Standard Tables, Income Cash Accounts tab, set to Payment Types. This will save your having to select that payment type every time.

Phone # Mask insures that everyone entering phone numbers into the database only enters them in the correct format. Do NOT insert your area code here; allow the software to insert it automatically, as this preserves the option of changing it for a cellphone or similar if needed during entry of customer information. This also simplifies entry of phone numbers by including all of the dashes in the right places.

Balance Due Warning

  • Check this box to enable a balance due warning display. This configures SE to display a warning with past due amount, every time a new order is created for a customer who has a prior balance that is now considered 30 days past due.

Convert Invoice to RO on Change

  • This setting causes any Invoice to be converted back to an active RO if anything last-minute is added. This supports ‘committed’ status required for ordering parts, as the Invoice stage is already advanced to ‘confirmed’ status on all parts on the order.

Include Spouse on Invoice

  • Sets program to include any name listed in Spouse field on the invoices generated

Include Taxes/Fees in Estimates

  • If checked, tax will be added to all Estimates and Revisions. In addition, Shop Supplies and Hazardous Materials charges will also added (if their default settings are turned ON). Conversely, HazMat and Shop Supplies will not be included in the on-screen totals for Estimates if this is setting is not enabled.

Include Recommendations on RO (and Invoice)

  • The details + date text will be seen by customers; however more space will be required on your documents to display them.

Update Labor Time from Total

  • Allows Charged Hrs time (invoice) to update to agree with Labor Total $ field if labor price is changed. (Labor item entry window)  Enabling this option tells the program to change the labor time if a user types in a new dollar amount for a labor item in the Order Item Entry - Labor dialog box.

Don’t Prompt for Tech Worksheet

  • This option allows you to choose not to print, or be prompted to print, a Technician Worksheet whenever you print a repair order. If you select this option, you will need to select Tech Worksheet from the Options screen to print Technician Worksheets.

Don’t Show Existing When Starting New Order

  • This option allows you to turn off the display of the Repair Order Selection window when a previous order for the same customer/vehicle already exists.

Check for Substitute Part(s)

  • This option tells Manager that you want to check for substitute parts when the specified Parts Catalog part is not in stock. For example:
    • Go to catalog and transfer part #123456 with BHG line code
    • Manager SE sees that you have in stock a part #123456 with GHJ line code and then displays a Substitute Part box with prompt to  select it for use or not.
    • Substitute and sell the one you've got on hand once you have ensured they are the same.

Always prompt when emailing

  • This option tells Manager to prompt you first before sending Customer emails.

Update original estimate amount when revision is sold

  • Check this option to update the estimate total when a revision is transferred to the order.