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Disclaimers are your policy notices that appear on various customer-facing documents; such as estimates, repair orders, invoices, and counter sales. A set of generic disclaimers has been provided with your program; you may customize these disclaimers, or re-write them entirely, if necessary, to fit your unique business requirements.

NOTICE: It is your responsibility to ensure that all of your disclaimer notices are written in accordance with your local, state & federal laws. These disclaimers will automatically appear at the bottom of all your applicable printed documents (unless the footer is turned off in Configurations - Reports/Printers).

If you need to Spell Check your disclaimer text, put your cursor in the text area and press the [F2] function key. The maximum number of characters allowed is displayed in the lower right portion of the dialog box.

Users requiring longer disclaimers will want to use Stock printed forms. For many years, Mitchell 1 has partnered with American Solutions for Business to provide pre-printed forms for use with the Shop Management products.

To edit a Disclaimer:

1. Select Disclaimers from the Shop Data Setup table (which is available from the Setup menu).

The Disclaimer Setup panel displays.

2. Select the option button for the disclaimer you wish to edit (Estimate, Repair, Invoice, Counter Sale).  The text box displays the text of the current disclaimer.

3. Edit the disclaimer.

4. Select a different option button to edit another disclaimer.