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Manufacturers Setup

This Manufacturers tab is provided for maintenance of Manufacturer Line Codes information in your system. While you may add new Line Code entries, this list is usually populated automatically by your electronic parts ordering activity. Any line codes you add are likely for vendors that require manually generated purchase orders because are not configured for electronic parts ordering.

Typically, Line Code is a required field when ordering parts electronically. Please note that it has become a checkbox option with certain newer parts catalog integrations. This option will present itself when configuring a vendor record for electronic parts ordering. The Line Code field can also be used in the Inventory List screen to filter lookups of parts by a specific Manufacturer Line Code itself or as part or further part qualification.

Adding/Editing a Manufacturer/Line Code

Click the Add button to add a new Manufacturer/Line Code or select an item or click Edit to Edit the Manufacturer/Line Code.

Note: If you have questions about specific line codes, we recommend that you consult with your parts vendor before making any changes in this screen. These code entries may be added, edited, and deleted when carefully considered.

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