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Order Pick List


The Order Pick List is generated whenever you request a pick list based upon open orders. This pick list can then be readily converted to a purchase order. There are two ways you can generate an Order Pick List:

An Order Pick list can be generated for a single order using the Pick List selection in the Order Options dialog box. When you choose this option, Manager scans the order for committed parts and builds the Pick List.


An Order Pick list can be generated for all open orders, using the Pick List from Orders option in the Purchase Orders dialog box. When you make this selection, Manager scans all orders for committed parts and builds the Pick List.

To convert the Order Pick List to a Purchase Order:

1.     Create a pick list using either of the two methods described above.

        The Order Pick List dialog box displays.

2.     Select a View option, if desired.

You can choose to view only committed parts with a quantity to order greater than zero. This is the default view. Choose this option if you wish to build your purchase order with parts that are either out of stock, or that need to be reordered based upon a re-order point calculation.


You can choose to view all committed parts. Choose this option if you wish to look at all committed parts in building your purchase order.


        When you view all committed parts, the parts that are in stock or already on order appear in a different color.

3.     Highlight the parts you wish to tag.

        You can select a single part by clicking on it with your mouse pointer, or you can highlight a range of parts by clicking your mouse pointer on the first part, and holding down the left mouse button with your index finger, "dragging" the mouse pointer to select additional part numbers.

4.     Select Tag.

        A '+' appears in the '+' Tag column of the grid, indicating that the part has been selected for inclusion in the purchase order.

5      Select Ok.

        The Purchase Order Worksheet opens, with the part(s) you selected displayed in the worksheet grid.

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