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Packages Edit

The Packages Edit dialog box allows you to add, remove, and edit components of Tire, Brakes, and LOF packages. The Grid area displays the current components of the package. The button bar across the bottom of the dialog box allows access to the various dialog boxes that Manager provides for building packages. These buttons are displayed below.

Note on Parts Quantities on Tire Packages:

By default, quantity of any part included in a tire package will be the same as the quantity of the tires added to the order. In other words, if you choose 4 tires, you will also add 4 valve stems, 4 mountings, etc. If you want a part not to vary based upon tire quantity, you need to choose Ignore Package Quantity when setting up the part in the package.

To set up a part in a tire package to ignore package quantity:

1.     Choose Setup/Tire Packages.

        The Setup for Tire Packages dialog box displays.

2.     Click on the item, then click Edit.

        The Tires Package Edit dialog box displays.

3.     Click on the Part and click Parts to display the Order item entry - PARTS dialog box.

4.     Choose Ignore Package Quantity.

        On future orders, the Tire Package quantity will not be multiplied by the number of tires.

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Editing Technician Information

1.     From the Technician Setup dialog, select Edit.

        The Edit Technician dialog is displayed. 

2.     Make changes to the technician's profile, as necessary.

3.     Click OK to save changes.

Deleting Technician

1.     Highlight the Technician whose profile you want to delete.

2.     Select Delete.

3.     A confirmation message appears. Select Yes to confirm.


        Deleted technicians will still show up in reports for historical purposes.