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Phone Descriptions

Your system can store up to 10 potential Phone Descriptions for all customer records. The program comes with descriptions you are most likely to use. You may Add, Edit or Delete any of these during the initial program setup. These will appear in the Telephone List on the Customer screen or with the selected phone numbers above the screen tabs.

Warning! These are labels not data! Do NOT change these descriptions AFTER customer phone numbers have been entered. This will cause the description labels to no longer be accurate for the types of phone numbers you have entered.

To add a Phone Description:

1. Double-click on the first available empty cell in the Description list.
The Phone Descriptions dialog box displays.

2. Type in a new description.

3. Select OK. The new description is added to the list.

To remove/edit a Phone Description:

1. Move the cell marker to the cell of the phone description entry you wish to delete or edit.

2. Choose Edit to edit the description or Delete to delete it.

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