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Promo Packages - Brakes

The Brake Package is designed to provide some generic service levels to be sold in various combinations. SE comes equipped with sample package levels for “Gold, Silver and Platinum” selected in combinations of Front and Rear, Drum or Disc brakes. Because interaction with your Inventory is limited, this package method has limitations. Since providing multiple part options is not possible, it’s likely these packages will include some placeholder part items. These can be overwritten with actual part records used once applied to an estimate or order. You may customize it to handle a specific scope of work you offer.

Setting up Brake Packages

These entries are maintained in Configurations – Brake Packages. This is where Brake package details are edited as required. Click on Edit to view the contents of a service level. Keep the default package descriptions or create your own to fit your needs. This is where the parts and labor specifics may be entered; access to Sublet, Notes and the Estimator are provided. Double-clicking an existing line item is the same as clicking on Detail.

Adding a Brake Package to an Order

To add a Brake package to an estimate or order, click on Promos and select the Brake tab. Then select any combination of Front and Rear, with Disc or Drum Brakes. Choose between Silver, Gold, and Platinum level packages; the pricing changes with the package and brake combination selected. Once the desired combination is ready, click OK; the program asks you to confirm your selection. Click Yes to add the Package and it will appear as line items on the order.

To replace any generic part line items, double-click on the first item to open the Order Item Entry – Parts window. Then type in the actual part number and press Tab or if it is unknown, click on Inventory, clear the part number field then select filters such as category, vendor or partial part number or description; click Search; highlight the correct  part record and click on Transfer to place it into the Order Item Entry – Parts window. Click on Done. The correct part is now on the estimate or order. Repeat this as needed.