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Promo Packages - Shop Management Packages

The program includes package options under Promos. The simplest of these is the original Package option found under the Packages tab. These are all about selling work as a single line item with a price. If you need more detail to appear on the order and to track actual labor and parts; that will require a manual effort each time. For that reason you might use a kit or a job instead where these details are recorded every time its sold.

Clicking in Promos and selecting the Packages tab provides access to your currently available Packages. The display selector can be changed to show Expired or All packages. Each has a number, description, amount and expiration date.

Setting up Packages

These entries are maintained in the Configurations – Packages & Discounts section.  Click on Add to create a new package. The Add Package dialog box contains the following fields and options:

  • Package # - Type in a unique set of up to eight (8) characters for the package
  • Taxed as - provides a choice whether the package will be taxed as Labor or Parts
  • Description - Enter a description that will appear in the Promos – Package list and also for the line item appearance when added to an estimate or order.
  • Category - will record package sales under one of your existing Category options.
  • Account - will record package dollars under one of your existing Account options.
  • Start Date - Type or select the date at which the package will begin.
  • End Date - Type or select the date at which the package will be expired.
  • Sale Amount - The total amount that will be charged to the customer for this item
  • Commission - up to six commissions by either pay hours and/or flat dollar amounts can be applied. These commissions will be available to assign to technician(s) once the package is added to an estimate or order.

Applying a Package to Order

To add a package to an estimate or order, click on Promos and select the Packages tab. Choose the Package you want to add to the order. Click OK. A dialog box asks you to confirm your selection. Click Yes to add the Package and it will appear as a single line item on the order. This Package can be sold just the way it is, or you may double-click on it gain access to the Add/Edit Package Parts & Labor window. This is where parts and labor specifics may be entered; access to Sublet, Notes, Estimator, Kits and Jobs is provided. This is also where commissions can be assigned to technicians if applicable.

Please note that no matter what level of detail is added here, the package will only charge what is displayed as the Amount and continue to appear as a single line item.