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Promo Packages - Tires

The Tire Package is designed to match your defined service levels to be sold with your Inventory tires or ATD catalog tires. The Tire Packages interact with inventory and also multiply package items as needed automatically.

Setting Up Tire Packages

These entries are maintained in Configurations – Tire Packages. This is where Tire package details are edited as required. Click on Edit to view the contents of a service level. SE comes equipped with sample packages; Tire Only, Tire and Mounting only, Platinum, Ultra Platinum and Lifetime. Keep the default package descriptions or create your own to reflect the way you do business. This is where the parts and labor specifics may be entered to accompany tires when they are selected; access to Parts, Labor, Sublet and Notes are provided.

Note that there are no tire records in any of the service levels themselves; the package contains the supporting items to be sold WITH the actual tires once they are selected. The user looks up tires for a vehicle; then chooses the tire and quantity to be sold; then it’s simply a matter of which of these package levels to use. The sale process here is determining what exactly will be included to go along with the user’s tire selection.

The labor to mount them stays essentially the same so we have that entered in every package level. It always remembers to bill out those valve stems because we’ve added them into every package level. If you didn’t use the Tire Package screen, you’d have to add the valve stem to each part record as an attached part to get the same benefit.

The package level parts are set up with quantities of 1.0 and the labor is per tire. The Tire Package mechanism knows to multiply these items according to a quantity decision that is made on the selling screen. When 4 tires are specified, it sees this decision and will include 4 valve stems, 4 road hazard warranties and enough labor to mount 4 tires. The reason it doesn’t include 4 front end alignments is thanks to a special setting, any part, labor or sublet item can be configured to not be included in the multiplication. This item edit option is only visible in Tire Package setup; ‘Ignore Pkg Quantity’.

Adding a Tire Package to an Order

To add a Tire package to an estimate or order, click on Promos and the Tire Packages appears. To narrow your Inventory search, enter a full or partial value into Number, Description or Size. Tire Description Search is fuzzy so entering ‘215’ would find 215 or P215 which it would not do on the regular Inventory Search screen. Only those part records designated by a mark in the Tires check box will be located in a Tires search. Once you’ve entered something to go on, click Search. You can sort the Search results grid by clicking on any column name. Double-click on the desired Tire or highlight the tire record and choose OK.

It’s ready for the tire quantity decision; enter it and then choose the desired service level. Click OK; the program asks you to confirm your selection. Click Yes to add the Package and it will appear as line items on the order; this is a complete ready-to-install tire job.

Tip: What to do if the customer wants to compare brands or consider some +1 size options?
Move to the Revisions screen and access Tire Package from there. The options can be put into separate slots until customer’s decision and approval for one of them.