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Return Part To Vendor


The Return Part to Vendor dialog box allows you to reduce the on-hand quantity of an inventory item to account for parts that are returned to the Vendor. The Return Part to Vendor dialog box is available from the Inv. Transactions submenu, which is an Inventory menu selection.

To adjust inventory levels for returned parts:

1. Select Returns from the Inv. Transactions submenu.

The Return Part to Vendor dialog box displays.

2. Enter the Part Number or enter a partial Part Number and select the Find button. 

The remaining fields in the dialog box fill in automatically. The Quantity field displays a highlighted 0.00.

3. Overtype the 0's in the Quantity field with the quantity to be returned.

4. Type in a reason for the return.

5. Select Post Return to record your return quantity.

6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 to record additional returns as necessary.