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Screen View

View the Program Workflow DemoThe Screen View dialog box is where you set defaults for some of the screens in Manager.

To change Default Screen View settings:

1. Select Display Customers OR Company name in WIP Screen View from the Shop Data Setup table (which is available from the Setup menu).

The Default Screen View dialog box displays.

2. Toggle settings as desired. The Default Screen View dialog box contains the following settings:

  • Show Odometer Out - Governs whether the Odometer Out field (the vehicle's odometer reading when it leaves the shop) displays on the Vehicle screen. Some states require that this reading be recorded. 
  • Cursor Position - Determines wheather the default cursor position in the Customer screen will be in the Company field or the Customer field. You should choose the positon that best represents the majority of your patrons. If most of your customers are individuals (no businesses), you should choose Customer, If most of your customers are buibess, you should choose Company. 
  • Display Customers OR Company name in WIP - This setting allows you to specify whether the Company name or Customer nameappears in the Customer field in the Work In Progress grid in orders where a company is specified. ( Note: If you select Company here, customers, names still display in the WIP grid except in instances where a company name has been entered.)  Show Parts Search speed Warning- Indicates whether the standard warning that a parts search in the Parts/Inventory List will take more than a minute is enabled. 
  • Show Quick Estimates in Schedule - Indicates whether quick estimates should be displayed in the schedule. 
  • Show Symptoms on New Order - Choose this setting to display the Symptoms dialog box every time you start a new order. 
  • One Start Toolbar - Check this box to display the One Start Toolbar. The One Start Toolbar replaces the Estimate, Order, and Invoice icons with the Start icon. Clicking the icon opens the Customer List for Start Order dialog box, which allows you to look up a customer by Name Phone Number, or License number, or start a new customer.

3.       Select Done to save your entries and exit.

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