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Shop Data 1

Setup is comprised of three primary sections: Shop Data, Standard Tables, and Standard Descriptions. Any of these sections may be selected by choosing its button across the top of the dialog box. An information area on the left side of the dialog box provides important information and tips for working in each of the setup tabs. There is also a Configurations menu that includes the primary Setup areas as well as providing access to address other program functions.

This is where you enter the name and address details for your shop. This shop information is automatically entered into all of your printed output, such as estimates, repair orders, invoices, technician worksheets and all of your management reports. This will greatly reduce typing effort later and increase the accuracy and consistency of your orders.

Your Account Number is automatically filled in from Help – Activate Products menu and cannot be edited from the Shop Data 1 screen. This is something to address when the SE program starts up the first time; it will prompt you to enter the account number in the Activate Products window and re-start SE prior to beginning the setup task here.

Please continue to enter your own shop information currently used at your place of business. Type this all carefully and double-check your work as this Shop Data appears on everything printed. When all fields in Shop Data 1 have been completed, continue on to fill in those found on Shop Data 2.

These include the Manager Name and Manager Title used at your location. If there are any state licenses required, there are two input fields provided for their entry. The Slogan field can be used for your shop’s slogan; Comment field can be used for any similar message. Please make sure that all of the fields in Shop Data 1 & 2 are complete and correct before moving ahead.

Shop Data 1 is selected from the Shop Data dialog box, which is a Setup menu selection.

To Enter/Edit Shop Information:

    1. Enter/edit data as necessary. The dialog box contains the following data        fields:

  • Shop Number - Your Shop Number.
  • Shop Name - The name of your shop (up to 30 characters).
  • Street Address Your shop's address (up to 30 characters).
  • City/State/Zip Code - The city, state, and zip code of your shop.
  • Phone - Your shop's telephone number.
  • Fax - Your shop's fax number.

     2. Select Done to save your entries and exit.

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