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Title Descriptions

Title allows you to input / remove standard title descriptions for your customers. These descriptions are used in the pull-down menus in panels in which customer information is entered. You can create or remove standard titles (salutations) for your customers. The program doesn’t require you to enter titles for your customers. These are optional. The system comes with a list of typical Title descriptions. For most customers, the provided Titles work fine. You can edit or delete Title descriptions as necessary.

To add a Title Description:

1. Double-click on the first available empty cell in the Description list. The Title Descriptions dialog box displays.
2. Type in a new description.
3. Select OK. The new description is added to the list.

To remove/edit a Title Description:

1. Move the cell marker to the cell of the title description entry you wish to delete or edit.
2. Choose Edit to edit the description or Delete to delete it.

Important Note: Do not change or remove your Title Descriptions once you have set them up and begun using them.

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