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Update Customer Status 

The Update Customer Status dialog box allows you to update charge, credit and sales information for a customer. The dialog box is opened by selecting the Update Customer button in the Customer screen.

  • Current Charges - The unpaid balance of any outstanding invoice(s).
  • Current Late Fees - Late Fee from most recent assessment; doesn't include any previous late fees which became part of principal.
  • On Account Adjustment - Allows for manual entry of a payment to or charge against the customer account.
  • Credit Balance Due - The total amount due from customer.
  • Sales YTD - Sales for the current year.
  • Lifetime $ Spent - Total (cumulative) dollars spent by the customer.
  • Exempt from Late Fees - Flags customer as eligible/ineligible for late fee assessment.
  • Charge Status - Flags customer as eligible/ineligible for credit privileges.

NOTE This does not prevent customer from charging; a warning dialog appears but the charge is still premitted to take place.

Access to the Update Customer Status dialog box can be password protected. Because of the sensitive nature of the data that can be modified in this dialog box, it is highly recommended that access to this dialog box be limited to authorized personnel only. Refer to Program SecuritySecurity for details.

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