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Vendor Setup

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Vendor Setup – Basics  


Vendor Setup window is opened from the Configurations menu. Vendors are used in the program to track parts purchases, warranties, returns, core charges and generation of purchase orders specific to a parts provider.

This screen is re-sortable by clicking the name of the column; click it again and it sorts in reverse order. You may right-click on a column name and get a Search box to help you locate a specific record within a lengthy list.

Clicking Edit reveals specific vendor details; Code is shorthand used internally, Type is usually Parts Distributor; Code and Name entries are required to save a vendor record. Sales History displays the previous 12 months sales of parts bought from this vendor.

Setup Link provides the means to configure a Vendor record for electronic parts ordering. The additional details for creating that link are explained below and covered in another video clip.

Vendor Setup – Linked (Catalogs)      

To get started with ordering parts on-line requires configuring catalog button(s) to appear on the Order and Revision screens and then Vendor Setup to match your shop to them. The linked vendor setup process allows defining each link between SE and a specific parts distributor. This makes it possible for the program to transmit the shop’s account information to the vendor, then display pricing and availability from that parts distributor.

Be sure to start from the product “splash” home screen. Go to Configurations - Special Maintenance -Toggle Catalog Availability. This is the list of catalog options available. You may notice a couple choices dimmed out; that’s because they require a separate program to be installed alongside SE. One of these is WorldPAC; it can be installed by going to and downloading the SpeedDIAL application and installing it. Then the WorldPAC button can be turned ON and a linked vendor record set up for it.

If you need a catalog button not listed here, go to []; find the catalog installer; shut down your SE program and then run the installer. These only require a few seconds to run. Then when you restart SE, go to Configurations - Special Maintenance -Toggle Catalog Availability, your new catalog button is visible in the list to turn ON.

Toggle the appropriate buttons to ON and then click on Save; when you return to the Order or Revision screens, these selected catalog buttons will be visible. NOTE: You must have the catalog button for a vendor catalog already toggled to ON before entering Vendor Setup, so that the required Setup Link option will also be listed.

Configurations - Vendor Setup is now used to enter the shop’s credentials to identify itself to the vendor; typically this is a username and password, although some vendor links require some additional entry. The basics of creating a vendor record are covered in the Configurations – Vendor Setup video clip; here we are taking it a step further by configuring a vendor record to support two way communications between SE and the vendor’s catalog. This only has to be set up once per vendor catalog button in use.

Highlight the Vendor you want to link to and choose Edit to open Edit Vendor dialog box. Choose Setup Link; if you have more than one vendor button enabled, the Link Type Selection dialog box displays several options; pick the appropriate option for the distributor you are linking to. If the type you need is not listed here, it’s because the button was not already turned on. Make your selection and click OK. The Setup Catalog Link dialog box displays. Enter the username, password and any other required information. Click OK to save it, OK to exit the Vendor record. Repeat these steps to setup each vendor record per catalog button. Now go to an active order and click each catalog button to ensure that the setup work is correct. If you encounter an error message, please double-check that your account credentials are valid and they were entered correctly.