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Find Customer


The Find Customer utility allows you to quickly locate a customer record from anywhere in Manager. Using Find Customer, you can search the Manager database for a customer based upon phone number, last name, company name, license number, or vehicle unit number or VIN Code. In fact, you can look up a customer based upon partial information such as the first couple of letters of a last name or the first couple of digits of a license plate number.

You can also specify whether you want to begin your order as an estimate or as a repair order.

For example, you might make out the first couple of digits of a customer's license plate as he drives into your shop. By selecting Find Customer and typing in the license plate number, you can select a customer and in seconds. The Manager estimate will be well underway by the time the customer gets to the counter (where he will be pleasantly surprised to be greeted by name!).

To find a customer:

  1. Select Find Customer from the Utilities menu.OR Press F3. The Find Customer dialog box appears. 
  2. Manager "remembers" whether you chose to start an estimate or a repair order the last time you used the find customer feature. Click the other option button to change your selection, if desired.
  3. Input known information. To conduct a search, you need to input one or more characters in any field except for Phone No., in which you must input at lease digit. However, the more information you enter, the higher the probability of an exact match.
  4. Select Find to begin your search. There are two possible outcomes to your search, you can get an exact match, in which case the Customer Screen will display the  customer and vehicle information. OR have more than one matching customer record. In this case, a secondary panel allows you to choose from among matching records.

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