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Customer List for Start Order

The Customer List for Start Order dialog box allows you to quickly locate a customer record from anywhere in Manager. This dialog box works in conjunction with the One Start Toolbar, enabled in Default Screen View.  When the One Start Toolbar is active, clicking the One Start icon begins the order process at this dialog box.

This dialog box is similar, but not identical to, the Find Customer dialog box opened by clicking [F3].

To begin an order:

With the One Start toolbar enabled, select the One Start icon from the Toolbar. The Customer List for Start Order dialog box appears.

Manager "remembers" whether you chose to start an estimate or a repair order the last time you started an order. Click the other option button to change your     selection, if desired.

Input known information. As you start typing, the grid area below displays matches. When you see the name you are looking for, simply click on it and click OK. You are taken to the Customer panel with information about the selected customer entered into the fields of the dialog box. If the Customer is not in your database, you need to create a new customer record. Click New Customer to close the dialog box and start at an empty Customer screen.

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