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The Recommendations dialog box allows you to add any desired recommendations to the customer record. This information will be displayed in the Vehicle Screen as a reminder of repairs/maintenance activity that has been noted, but not yet performed. Any time there is a recommendation present for the vehicle, the Vehicle tab is highlighted in a different color (normally green).

The Recommendations dialog box contains the following fields:

Date Recommended - The date that the repair was recommended to the customer.

Date of Work Needed- The date that the repair work should be preformed by.

Category- The Category of work for the recommendation. 

Standard Notes- Use this pull down list to add a pre-written Standard Note (LOF, for example) as a recommendation. 

    Clear Followup Date

Choose Clear Followup Date, to clear a followup date for the recommendation, if applicable.

How is a Followup Date entered?

A Followup Date is entered when a followup letter based on a query including the recommendation is printed. Essentially, what this date says is that the customer has been notified, by mail, of the recommendation. This recommendation will not be included in future queries for customers with outstanding recommendations. Removing the followup date, via the Clear Followup Date command, allows the recommendation to again be included in followup queries.

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