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 Follow-up Post Cards and Letters Setup


Follow-Up Post Cards/Letters Setup is available from the Standard Descriptions dialog box, which is a Setup menu selection.

Option buttons along the top of the dialog box allow you to switch the display between Post Cards, Mail Merge Letters and FollowUp Letters.

Procedures to Add, Edit, or Delete a Standard Post Card

Adding a Post Card

Editing a Post Card

Deleting a Post Card

Mail Merge Letter Setup

Mail merge letters require setup in both Manager and Microsoft Word. Refer to Mail Merge Letter Setup for Manager instructions and Mail Merge Letter Setup in Word for Word setup instructions.

FollowUp Letter Setup

FollowUp Letter Setup


·          Choose Print to print a consolidated printout of your Shop Data settings. If you desire to print a new or changed letter or postcard, go to Reports/Followup and select the appropriate letter/postcard and print a sample letter/postcard with customer data.