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Special Orders


Special Orders are provided to allow for an extra measure of tracking of orders to be completed at a future time. The most common use for special orders are instances where you have the parts in stock to complete some, but not all, of the repairs on an order. What you can do is remove the repair line(s) from the current order and use them to initiate a new special order.

For example, lets suppose that you have an order for an air conditioning recharge, cooling system flush, and replacement of a door handle. You have the parts in stock to do the first two jobs but the door handle needs to be ordered from the manufacturer. You could create a special order for the door handle as described in the procedure below.

To create a Special Order:

1.     In the Order screen of the order from which you want to create the special order, highlight the repair line(s) to be transferred.


You cannot transfer parts that have been confirmed on an invoice to a special order. You must first unconfirm Parts the parts before transferring.

2.     Choose Special Order from the View menu.

        A message box asks if you want to start a Special Order for the selected repair line(s).

3.     Choose Yes.

4.     The part(s) are removed from the original order and used to create a new order. Customer and Vehicle information are automatically entered.

        You probably will need to create a Pick List and then Purchase Order for the Special Order part(s). Complete the steps below if you need to create a pick list.

5.     Select the Options button.

        The Order Options dialog box displays.

6.     Select Pick List.

        The Special Order part(s) appear in the Order Pick List dialog box. You can now convert the Pick List into a Purchase Order. Refer to Order Pick Listfor details.