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Standard Symptoms

The Symptoms tab in Descriptions is used for editing and maintenance of Symptoms entries that appear on the Order screen in a Symptoms Reported by Customer window.

Using Symptoms saves many keystrokes when writing estimates and repair orders. By using them, you’re speaking the customer’s language and making it easier to record a vehicle complaint in simple terms. This also makes it easier to receive the vehicle quickly while also standardizes your diagnostic labor charges and eliminating the giving away of this time. Using consistent diagnostic charges helps your customers understand and appreciate the value of this necessary stage of service.

You may add new entries on-the-fly with a Save as Standard Symptom checkbox in the Symptoms Reported window as long as it includes the Symptom description, work requested, labor time or price and category information. This screen allows for editing of text or pricing and removal of any unused Symptom entries.

Review and customize the existing Symptoms supplied with the program and enter any additional symptoms you think you may want to use.

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