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Transferring an Inventory List Item

  1. In the Inventory list dialog box, type, or select from a pull-down list, identifying information for the part (as known): Category Part # Description 
  2. Select the Search icon. The Inventory list displays the parts which match your request.
  3. Highlight the part you wish to add to the order.  
  4. Highlight the part you wish to add to the order and select Transfer. OR   Double-click on the part.

You are returned to the Order Item Entry - PARTS dialog box with the information from the selected part entered into the appropriate fields. You can edit any data fields in this dialog box if necessary.

Transferring Multiple Inventory List Items

You can transfer multiple Inventory items to your order in a single transaction without going back and forth between the Inventory List and Order Item Entry - Parts dialog boxes.

To tag and transfer multiple parts:

  1. In the Inventory List, run a Search query to display inventory items.
  2. Highlight a part line in the grid that you want to transfer.
  3. Click Tag.The part line turns a different color (normally green) indicating that it has been tagged.
  4. Tag additional parts as desired.

Note: You can run additional Search queries and tag additional parts as necessary.

  1. If desired, you can select View Tag to view a listing of all tagged parts.
  2. When all parts have been tagged, select Transfer.
  3. You are returned to the Order Item Entry - Parts dialog box, in which you can make edits to the individual parts, if necessary, before you save them to the order.