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Inventory List

The Inventory List dialog box has two primary functions:

  • The Inventory List is where you search for and choose inventory items to be transferred to Manager orders.
  • The Inventory List is where you enter or edit inventory item information.

To use the Inventory List dialog box to transfer an Inventory List item to a Manager Order:

1. In the Order Panel, select the Parts button.

The Order item entry - PARTS dialog box displays. 

2. Select the Inventory button.

The Inventory list dialog box displays. See Transferring an Inventory List Item for details on selecting and transferring an inventory list item to your order.

To use the Inventory List dialog box to Add, Edit, Copy, or Delete an Inventory List item:

  • Select Inventory list from the Inventory menu to display the Inventory list dialog box.

To Update an Inventory Record:

You can also select Update to make a list price percentage change.


You can print your inventory list. This feature is especially useful in instances where you want to quickly generate a printed list of parts for a specific Vendor, or a specific Category, or a combination of Vendor/Category. Just perform your search and click Print.

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